To promote the game of lacrosse to girls in the 3rd through 8th grade of Walpole
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Walpole Youth Girl Lacrosse Scholarship

  This is a permanent award given to a high school graduate through the Walpole Scholarship Foundation.

 This scholarship is for young women that live in Walpole and have participated in the youth lacrosse program in Walpole.   Our goal is to help the young women of Walpole to further their education beyond high school.  The sport of lacrosse wants to develop strong women that give back to their community.  This is only possible through education.  Our hope is that with this scholarship, you will have the desire to pay it forward some day as you become an adult through volunteering in your community.    

The requirements are:
  • A Walpole Resident
  • A Graduate from a High School 
  • Continuing on to college or university
  • Played in the youth program for at least 2 years


Past Award Winners:
2010 - Alicia Tosone
2011 - Sarah Buckley
2012 - 
2013 - Seana Cofsky
2014 - Abigail White
2015 - 
2016 - Mary Hinton
2017 - Meghan Foley