To promote the game of lacrosse to girls in the 3rd through 8th grade of Walpole
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     The program creates balanced teams at each grade level.  We DO NOT have an A or B team.  We are a developmental program where we make all the teams equal in ability.  We do not look at schools or neighborhoods to determine the teams.  At each age level, the girls practice together so there are no carpool issues.  The teams will be determined by late March.  We need a couple of practices to see where each kid is at. 

PRACTICES: (Starting after April 1 OUTDOORS)    

      Generally two times a week.  Each age level practices together as one big group with all the coaches.  For example, 3rd/4th grade will all practice together on two days a week.  They typically will break into stations and rotate through the stations during practice.  Therefore, even if your daughter is not on a team with her best friends, she will be practicing each week with them.

          Tentative Practice Days Listed Below:
           7th/8th Grade (U15) - Mondays and Wednesdays

           5th/6th Grade (U13)  - Wednesdays and Saturdays  

           3rd/4th Grade (U11) -Wednesdays and Saturdays

           1st/2nd Grade (U9) -Wednesdays and Saturdays

             Kindergarten - Wednesdays

    They take place on Sundays for 8 weeks in the spring, starting on April 3rd.  We do not have games on Memorial Day weekend.  They will have to travel to games with other area towns.  There will be a game on the 2nd Sunday for April Vacation, April 24th.  The league is also looking to have an optional event on April 17th for those players who are around on the first weekend of school vacation.  Below is the schedule;

  • April 3rd (Week #1 for 5/6 & 7/8) 

  • April 10 (Week #1 for3/4)

  • April 17 (Optional FGL event for players. First Sunday of vacation. TBD)

  • April 24

  • May 1

  • May 8

  • May 15

  • May 22

  • June 5

  • June 12 – Jamboree @Lincoln-Sudbury HS (Optional)